Why should I join NOVAA?

Enhance Your Skills
NOVAA provides you with the resources, tools, and trainings needed to do your job the most effectively!

  • Attend quarterly workshops (discounted rates for members) and learn from some of the best experts in the field. Keep up with trends and learn from the best international and local trainers!
  • Attend Learning Community sessions: bimonthly topic-specific meetings with your fellow advanced practitioners to learn, grow, and trade expertise.
  • Earn your CVA (Certified Volunteer Administrator) to enhance your credibility, your job performance, and be more competitive when job hunting. Study groups and scholarships are available!

Make Connections
NOVAA connects you with your peers. We have over 160 members from all across the sector ready to network!

  • Meet and network with your peers at a variety of events and venues.
  • Access the members-only section of our website for Peer-to-Peer Networking: ask questions and hear real solutions from experts in the field. Post job opportunities and receive notices of job openings.

Strengthen the Profession
NOVAA elevates and advocates for the profession of Volunteer Management, and we can’t do this without your participation, engagement, and support!

  • Increase visibility of the profession.
  • Serve on a committee or the Board of Directors – build your credibility as a leader, enhance your resume, & learn the ropes of Committee and Board Membership!

What are the benefits to being a member?

  • 20% discount on individual workshop registration  

  • Early-bird discount on the full Quarterly Workshops Package

  • Post-workshop discussion groups (held 2-3 weeks after the workshop date)

  • Learning Community Sessions (for those in the profession 3+ years)

  • Access to the members-only section of the NOVAA website: member directory, message boards, job postings and more! 

  • Networking opportunities with volunteer management professionals (including bi-monthly Happy Hours and Morning Meet Ups!)

  • Assistance in becoming a Certified Volunteer Administrator (CVA)

  • Access to scholarship opportunities to attend trainings and conferences

  • Leadership opportunities to serve on committees and the Board 

  • Advocacy for the volunteer management profession


MEMBERSHIP FEES: The annual NOVAA membership cost is $50, starting from the day you join. Memberships are Individual Annual Memberships. If you purchase a membership, but later leave your position, you retain your membership. If an agency purchases a membership for an individual and they leave or change positions before the membership expires, the agency can request to have the membership transferred to the new employee at no additional cost. 

NOTE: We are in the process of transitioning to a new NOVAA website, so the member application process may be put on hold temporarily. If you want to become a member, let us know by emailing us at!

Interested in membership but need financial assistance? Apply for a Complimentary Membership

Questions? Email