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Directors of Volunteer Programs Association (DVPA)
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Network of Volunteer Administrators (NOVA)
Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement (ALIVE)
Nonprofit Association of Oregon (NAO)
Willamette Valley Development Officers (WVDO)

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Package Deal - 2016/2017 Workshop Package
09/22/16 - 11/28/16

Members of NOVAA* have the opportunity to purchase all three workshops as a package deal! If you are not already a member, but would like to join to get this benefit and many others, join now!

The package deal for all three workshops is $120. That's a 33% discount!

This special deal includes attendance to:

  1. Bridges to Understanding: Exploring Differences in the Workplace
  2. Inspiring Servant Leadership & Personal Growth While Working with Non-Leaders
  3. Volunteer Motivation and the Enneagram

Trainings are held in Portland unless specified otherwise.

*The package deal discount is also available to members of other Volunteer Management associations such as DVPAMVVMANOVA, and ALIVE.

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Upcoming Workshops

Bridges to Understanding - Exploring Differences in the Workplace Workshop

As the dramatic shift to a highly diverse workforce continues, leaders know they must do a better job of helping all workers understand, accept and capitalize on differences.  The cultural backgrounds and experiences of diverse employees and customers can deeply enrich the organization, making it more innovative and globally competitive.  However, realizing the benefits of diversity means meeting the diversity challenge through self-awareness and commitment.

Bridges to Understanding is designed to help individuals identify their opinions and feelings about work-force diversity.  In this workshop, participants assess their level of comfort or discomfort in four key diversity areas:

• Knowledge
• Understanding
• Acceptance
• Behavior

Participants will learn how they personally respond to work-force diversity issues and where increased understanding is needed. Helpful suggestions for improving relationships with diverse groups are provided.

Location: Oregon Food Bank West
1870 NW 173rd Ave.
Beaverton, OR 97006

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Inspiring Servant Leadership & Personal Growth while working with Non-Leaders Workshop

Come participate in three hours of lecture, activities, and highly interactive group sharing about the nature of great leadership. We will explore how each of us finds the greatest leadership potential in ourselves, and how that reflects in our work and lives.

The class will be broken roughly into three sections:

Hour 1: Finding the great leader within...
What are the habits of great leaders? What is the difference between a leader-first leader, and a servant-first leader? What are your challenges, and what tools and practices can you use to change your habits, and truly unlock your potential? We will share stories, exercises, and games to help us feel what it truly means to be a servant leader.

Hour 2: Leading as the Servant Leader
How do you bring these practices to those you lead? What are the benefits, and challenges of leading as a servant or catalyst leader? What are the rules for leading others effectively, and what are the traps that can sabotage a leaders’ relationships with those they seek to serve? Participate in group discussions sharing real life challenges that we will solve together as a group.

Hour 3: Working with Non-Leaders
When working in any organization, there are always those who challenge us. We can demonize them, have venting sessions with coworkers about them, or simply end up avoiding them, but they are a fact of life in the work place. How do we allow ourselves to be as effective as possible in working with these challenging non-leaders? How do we manage their impact on those we lead? How do we minimize the negative impact on our organization? Let’s talk about real non-leader challenges and look at real life, practical solutions that can help ease the impact of non-leaders.

Location: Mazamas Mountaineering Center
527 SE 43rd Ave
Portland, OR 97215

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Volunteer Motivation and the Enneagram Workshop

 Have you ever wondered what makes your volunteers tick? Wonder why some come back and others don't? Thought "If only I could figure out how to motivate our volunteers"?

Look no further. The Enneagram is a sophisticated, powerful, and ancient system for self-understanding and personal development, and is used worldwide as an effective tool in work, spirituality, and psychology. Come spend the morning studying this tool which will reshape the way you approach volunteer management.

The Enneagram offers a roadmap to address the specific challenges of each personality type and to develop the unique virtues of that type that are waiting to be discovered.  Support for better relationships and communication is a focus of the system, because discovering the “lens” through which we view the world is the first step in our comprehending how others may experience the world differently.  Just a basic understanding of the Enneagram broadens your skill in communicating with others.

The Enneagram helps people intentionally relate to each other by understanding what motivates themselves and others.  Common problems caused by miscommunications and other misunderstandings often result from people assuming that others see, or should see, the world the way they do.  The Enneagram puts organizational members on the fast track to improving their working relationships. With knowledge of the Enneagram, one can respond and interact in a manner that results in deeper understanding, better communication, and a more skillful use of energy toward achieving mutual goals.

Location: United Way of Columbia-Willamette
619 SW 11th Ave
Portland, OR 97205

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